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New Music for the Oboe

20 Character Pieces Complete book shop image

20 Character Pieces was written to help create more of a dialogue between student and teacher about musicality and how pieces of music tell a story and create emotions. This book is for approximately Grade 4 to 6 standard students.


Here is a quick recording I did of one of the pieces from the book. The pieces is called Memories.

I do quite a lot of music arranging for the oboe and two of these so far have been published. The title links take you to June Emerson wind music (a fantastic mail order music company in the UK) where the music is available but it can be ordered and bought from many music shops. If you ever perform these works I would love to know if you enjoyed them and would love to see you tube recordings!

Screenshot_2016-05-12-17-23-30-1 [735027]

Variations on a Theme of Haydn for 2 oboes and Cor Anglais.

This arrangement was completed many years ago now. I didn’t arrange the whole work but did include the theme (which generally comes up in any orchestral 2nd oboe audition), along with variations 5,6 and 7. I have then finished the work off with a repeat of the theme.

Screenshot_2016-05-12-17-24-06-1 [735026]

Three Brhams Songs –

  • In Summer Fields Op.86, No.2
  • To The Nightingale Op.46, No.4
  • In Woodland Solitude Op.85, No.6

This arrangement was originally written for Cor Anglais and Piano but also includes parts for Oboe and Piano as well as Clarinet and Piano. It is about grade 6ish (oboe) standard but they are quite short little songs so not challenging for the stamina at all.

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